US Windsurfing Slalom Champion

This year we had the US Windsurfing Nationals in Berkeley, San Fransisco. I didn’t feel to good going into the competition after dealing with Lyme disease for a few months and Windsurfing and Training was not something a was able to do for a while. It was painful, being so tired and not able to do anything, just because of a little tick. However my mind still wanted to go and win and I did feel better, but didn’t train at all before the 1st day of racing. It was a one of those events where I had to stick to one game plan and listen to my body and focus on spending minimum time on the water. Trust me, normally I am out there, testing and tuning before racing, but this time was different. My mental approach was everything and I knew I just had to perform for 2-3 minutes giving MAX effort, giving it all I had.

The wind was light and we didn’t get to race that much, which suited me just fine! We just managed to complete a couple of rounds and it was enough to Win the Slalom Nationals once again.

I have not been moving for a while, IT felt amazing to move and use my body again. I got reminded how fragile we sometimes can be and its the smallest things that can take you out of play. I still got Lyme disease, but everyday I get better and learn to deal with it, eat right and keep the stress down. Ill write more about it as we go along

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