Hope Loves Company Camp, California 2017


Camp HLC (Hope Loves Company)

Camp for #ALS families and kids

I have heard how amazing it was and what a great time the kids had during the weekend with a packed program full of activities. After 3 days, I can only agree and I believe it changed me as a human. I forgot about everything else and was just focused on what was happening on camp that weekend. My problems or challenges in life- which we all come across- were forgotten when I was with kids who you know are going through the emotions and challenges of having a mum, dad or grandparent with ALS.  ALS is a special disease to cope with and seeing your loved ones decline from ALS is not easy and difficult.  Not everyone understands what its like to go through ALS, but these camps are so beautiful because there is no need to explain. Everyone knows and everyone just connects straight away, especially the kids. The little kids had a blast and we didn’t spend a lot of time talking about ALS. The bigger kids had a need to speak more about it and let out their thoughts and challenges at home. I can only relate to that. Dad died of ALS, a while ago, but it feels like yesterday when you’re spending time with all these families who deal with ALS on a daily basis. For me, to share my own experiences and where I found my peace, how I dealt with it and how I didn’t was probably the best thing I have done after dad died.

So what did we do at camp?

Well, A lot!  We were split into age groups and I was working with the teen Guides. They here such cool kids and on day one we had to make our way through team building obstacles which was so much fun and the kids and I really got challenged. Basically the whole camp was set up kids so that the campers here entertained all day long. It was pretty awesome.  On Saturday we had a guest speaker to visit. His name is Ryan Farnsworth and he writes Poetry and teaches meditation and he also has ALS. Ryan is one of the most amazing people I have ever meet. So in tune with his life and body even though he was diagnosed with ALS. He was a shining star and his happiness and positiveness reflected on all of us and he was just the real deal. I am sure I will see him again soon!

Three days went quickly and afterwards I was just exhausted, but in a very rewarding way. The feeling of making a difference for the kids during the weekend was just amazing and being a volunteer, well that I will do anytime for Hope Loves Company.  And I am also proud to say I got elected to be a part of the board of HLC and there is just so much potential for these Camps in the future.

So Excited!!!

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