Nutrition is the key to everything. Eat right and you'll have a healthy body, a clear mind and a happy soul.

I have always been eating well, growing up in a great country where we could eat what we planted. Times have changed, a lot, and you have to look for good quality food these days. I am fortunate to live with my girlfriend who is all about clean eating and she has taught me a lot of what I can add to what I have learned and studied over the years. Oh, and she cooks too and she is amazing!!

When I was on the Olympic Windsurfing team, eating was a religion. I had to keep my weight down, at the same time keep my energy levels up and that required a lot of planning and discipline and a lot of know-how from some of the best nutritionists out there.

I know how to combine a good diet with the right amount of training. I'll throw on some of my favorite simple meals as we go along.