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Let’s Start Eating Clean & Green!!!

Being a Professional Windsurfer or any athlete for that matter, nutrition is key! Whether it’s endurance, strength or sprint, YOUR execution can NOT be done without the right food intake. When I was on the Danish Olympic Windsurfing Team, I learned so much about my body and its performance that I could write a book about it. It is amazing how “our machine” could be controlled with the right nutrition. It is the key to becoming a CHAMPION or simply a healthy human being.

As you can read on my website, it’s all about Moving, Eating and Living. Nutrition is a huge part of my life and it should be in yours too. The older I have grown, the more knowledgeable and aware I am about what I eat. If I need to perform, Nutrition is key – AND it’s not the nutrition supplements you find on the shelves.

NO it´s real food full of the right Nutrition, the kind of stuff where there is no shortcut to make it fast food and stuff in the microwave. You make it with love for the right reasons, which is to treat your body right.

My girlfriend is all about clean eating too and it makes life a lot easier, I am not saying she cooks for me every day but we actually both enjoy spending time in the kitchen preparing delicious food for us to eat. We both have our strengths and knowledge, she probably a lot more, but we keep changing it up. And yes, sometimes we just stick to our easy-to-make favorites.

Eating clean takes discipline and commitment but the results are amazing. You feel better, you sleep better and you look better. And to prove it, just eat clean and green for 2 weeks and try and go back to processed food and your body will be upset straight away.

Try it!

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